bitter pit, black spot or brown spot? - pomme

thomis(7)July 15, 2013

Please help ID if this is bitter pit, brown spot or black spot.
We've had a lot of rain (15" for June and July) but I've also seen it in my orchard in years past when rain amounts were more normal.

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The charcoal like smudges look like sooty blotch/flyspeck
ot me.

The large spot appears to be apple scab? Bitter pit
usually does not show up until later in storage.

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Agreed on sooty blotch,

the dark sunken spot with the black center doesn't look like scab to me (at least not the way I normally see it present)

It does look just like a type of rot we often get on our honeycrisps during wet years; but that normally shows up much later in the season....close to harvest.
I don't know the name for it, but generally the apples are still harvestable and we just cut out that section. It usually has well defined edges and a narrowing cone of mushy rotten apple extending down from the surface.

My experience with bitter pit is a tan "corky" area under the dimple in the skin, and a Spartan says it gets worse during storage.

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Ok, I'm ruling out bitter pit. It has to be brown rot or black rot. I just don't know which and what can be done, if anything to prevent it.
Yes, I'm aware of the common sooty blotch and flyspeck.
Thanks for the comments.
Harvestman, c'mon, I know you know what this is!

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