Pomegranate tree or something else? SoCal..

jousleyJuly 26, 2014

Hey all - this is my first post - and I am a newb at fruit trees and the such. I have been spending the last few years fixing up our "old" house and have finally gotten the time to address the backyard.
I grew my first garden in some planter boxes this year and learned that I have a lot to learn. But now I am turning my attention to our fruit trees.
We have 4 trees in an area next to our fence - 2 orange, 1 lime, and 1 grapefruit. I have been adding the appropriate citrus amendments and the trees are starting to respond. But I have room for one more fruit tree.. I would LOVE to have a pomegranate tree because I love them. the new tree would be about 6' from the others.
things you need to know:
I have a HUGE ash tree in the middle of the backyard - the biggest tree on the block. it provides shade almost all day. as you can guess my citrus trees suffer, but are able to produce a decent crop. I want a fruit tree that can handle the 3-5 hours of sun a day, and was hoping for pom..

If this can't happen, what do you suggest? lemon tree? I could use that.. and all the amendments would be the same.. so maybe that's the answer if not the pom.

Let me know your thoughts as I'm just figuring out the complexities of various fruit, etc and their requirements for planing and being fruitful. Also, I'm in SoCal - zone 10. All help, knowledge, advice appreciated.


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It sounds like too much shade for a pom to fruit, but it should bloom OK. Al

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Pom's and citrus both need full sun to produce. A lemon would need the same sun as a pomegranate.

When we moved here we found a lemon tree in full shade under a huge vine. When the vine was removed, mid summer, the tree suddenly blossomed and fruited. But the harvest was tiny ripe lemons dropping everywhere! It should have blossomed in march, not July! The lemons, although tiny, were lemons with seeds and all.

This year that same tree in full sun, blossomed when it was supposed to, and the lemons are much larger and not ripe yet.

Could you prune your ash so it won't provide so much shade?

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

HD has $13 5g single trunk 5'+ tall Wonderfuls right now. Personally, I would plant one and see. You might be getting a lot more sun than you think and just what does one do with 100's of poms anyway? Shade giving you fewer might not be a real problem.

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