The only way to mix soil

bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)July 18, 2013

With the fig project I found myself having to make a lot of soil mix and that chore got old mighty quick so.......makes the task so so easy.

When you are cupping the rooted figs you want a light mix and one of the worst things is the perlite dust and in a 4 cf bag of perlite there are a lot of fines to sift out so I made a trommel.

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tania(Zone10 Ca)

I've used this method in the past! Works great!

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Brilliant- I love it!

And you have another use for a cement mixer, which is always nice to have around anyway.

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had a guy give me one last year , I was one happy camper :)

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I knew I needed a concrete mixer! ;-) You are very fortunate to have found decent Timberline Pine Bark Mulch. The Timberline Pine Bark Mulch in the same purple bag that our local Walmart was selling this year was an abomination. What pine bark there was, was shredded, and it was heavy with sapwood. Amazing that there can be so much difference I the same product.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Also from Walmart but I have yet to get a bad batch but i'm sure it can happen. I use to buy 200 bags a year but now that I acidify my water I don't have to use it and can use whatever mulch I want.

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Why are you mixing soil for figs? Figs are not very picky and should be fine in most native soil. Have figs failed for you before in the past?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


No.....figs have to be about the easiest plant in the world to grow though there are some of the rarer types that do take more exacting care. I have about 70 different varieties here started from cuttings and the potting soil is needed for starting them and up potting them and for the duplicates until I find a home for them. At the moment have 40+ varieties in the ground.

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The cement mixer works pretty nicely to clean black walnuts - of course, this is after you've removed the bulk of the husk material by rolling 'em under your booted foot, or driving over 'em in the gravel driveway with the car for a couple of days.
Just dump in the nuts, throw in a few chunks of broken brick, some water, and let 'er go, boys. Will probably have to dump the water off a few times 'til it comes off clean. Then, spread 'em out in a cool dry spot to dry and cure for at least a couple of weeks before a session of cracking.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Interesting......we have a bunch of hickory trees on the property, wonder if the same would work for them?

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Sounds like a very ambitious project. I shudder to think about trying to keep birds and rodents off of that many fig trees. Holy cow, and they will bear a lot of fruit at the same time over a long season (June 'til frost here). With that many figs you will never need to eat another bran muffin, ever. :)

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