Are these strawberry runners? And lettuce question

sintroJuly 20, 2013

I still don't really know what runners look like. The plants I bought were "Chef Jeff" everbearing or dayneutrals (can't remember) from Steins.

We've had a really hot week here in SE WI, low to mid 90's. I noticed what I think are runners browning a bit, just not looking as vibrant as the rest of the plant.

One plant: with runner to the right:

Runner of that plant:

More Runners:

Also, I have no problem with the lettuce(my mom said it was very bitter, because of the heat). But I sowed the seeds indoors on easter weekend or 3/1/2013. It is now 7/20/2013 and the plants are still chugging along. They were just a burpee mesclun mix with predicted life expectancy of 48 days or so, it's been over double that! I also thought that lettuce is a cold weather crop that tends to bolt in heat. It's been 80's at least this month, with this week in the 90's. Although on my porch they only get direct light from 11-3, so that might explain the plants having a longer life and maybe they don't get as hot(they certainly look halfdead in the afternoon).

There's also a few lettuce I sowed a few weeks ago. I was going to seperate them, but wanted to see how they grow when so tight like that. I also typically harvest the lettuce about once a week.

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Those are strawberry leaves, not runners. Old leaves usually get looking old this time of year. After you harvest the fruit is time to cut back all those.

The small plant at the bottom of the first photo may have started from a runner.

Your lettuce has all bolted. Time to pull it out.

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