Flame grape superb this year

fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TXJuly 27, 2014

Greenhouse Flame are superb this year. 22-27 brix, very crisp, and excellent flavor. They seem far better than most yrs especially in terms of flavor. Also I tipped the clusters this yr. That allowed leaving more clusters and possibly bigger berries.

This yrs cluster size:

Last year not tipped the clusters were long and gangly. Cut the bottom half off these and you'll know what I had this yr. From now on I'm tipping all grape clusters that are too long. Those bottom berries sometimes aren't all as good as others.

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Fruitnut. Those look perfect. I hope to do better next year with my Mars seedless grapes.

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WOW! Those are beautiful. Are those grown in a greenhouse or outdoors? Was thinking of doing grapes or muscadines next year or this fall. Flame is resistant to diseases and seedless?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Greenhouse grown and a few outdoors but the coons took most of those. Flame is seedless. It's the most common red grape in stores. It's nether disease resistant nor hardy below zero. It is very productive and always very crisp texture.

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Those are nice. Good job! And what a great reward.

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Our grapes produced for the first time this year. FN, I believe it was you that stated you didn't like the taste of Jupiter. However, my family loved the taste. They can be a little tart while still pink, but once they darken to that dark purplish color, they were very good. Jupiter began to ripen in early July.

Joy just started ripening. We had our first Joy grapes yesterday. They may have been the best grape I've ever eaten. An explosion of flavor. The grapes were small, but had an incredible taste. The only problem with Joy is that most of the crop was lost to black rot. Maybe only 10% were unaffected. No issues with the foliage- just the fruit was affected. No issues at all with Jupiter.

I was also hoping that "Hope" would produce. However, the vine lost vigor and began to wilt. I had to cut it back to the ground. It has regrown to about 6 feet. Was worried it could be due to Pierce's disease, but I think it just couldn't recover from the winter damage.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I'm standing by my rating for Jupiter. The flesh is pretty good but the skin needs to be spit out. Not my idea of a good grape. Hopefully some of those new ones will prove better. IMO there's a large gap between things like Jupiter, Himrod, Reliance, Glenora, Canadice and my favorites Flame, Summer Royal, Princess, and Crimson.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Awesome...look great. Make yourself a bottle of wine:?

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