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Fred_1933(7b)July 5, 2012

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Posted by Fred_1933 none on Thu, Jul 5, 12 at 19:41

Hi to all here. Been reading many of the posting subjects over the years, but never offered to register and post till now.

Back in early spring decided to grow me a "new" blackberry patch. I have a old blackberry patch that never prove it's worth in labor I put into it. So, with some reading on the INTERNET, decided this year I would go whole hog and build me a different blackberry patch. I live in southeast Kansas which isn't the best place to have blackberries due to the harsh winters and long hot now... 100 degrees the past three weeks.

There's a mighty fine Nursery in Joplin, Mo that supplied me the young plants, and I made a trip to Joplin in late May..this rear to see that they had in way of Blackberry plant varieties. I purchased Triple Crown, Natchez, Navajo, Apache blackberry plants and couple Raspberry plants. Here it is July 5th and not one plant has died. Been watering every third day, and they are growing very well. In fact, the Triple Crown plants which where about 10" tall are now about five to six feet canes. I have made a nice plot with 4x4 treated post two feet in the ground surrounded by concrete. I put the plants 4' apart, which I know is against the rules of growing blackberry canes, but, I can alway thin them when needed. I've laid (tacked) down 3' wide black polyethylene ground cover between the plant rows and cover that with straw.

Now the big question. How do I post photos of my blackberry patch here? I have Photo bucket as my photo album.

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Notice there is a new feature on the forum: Where it says "Post a..." in big bold letters the next line says "Image file to upload..."

Just click there and navigate to the image file on your computer. Double click the file and it will upload to the forum when you post the message. Only one picture per message by this method. Preview the message first to make sure it is working.

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