Pristine early yellow apples

mrsg47(7)July 19, 2012

I have a nice medium sized crop of Pristine yellow apples this year for the first time. There are approx. 60 apples on the tree and they are all bagged. They are medium size and still very green. I thought they would be ripe by now. Also I've noticed that russeting has occured on many of them as well as my bagged Jonagold. Why aren't the Pristine ripening and why are they russeted? Many thanks, Mrs. G

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alan haigh

The warm weather and extra early spring has had inconsistent affects on the timing of ripening, some things are very early others about normal. Isn't Pristine supposed to be an early Aug apple where you are? If they continue to enlarge they will be ready soon enough.

Russeting is a problem for commercial growers but never bothers me on my own fruit. I don't know why some years it occurs on certain varieties.

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Did you have a freeze when the apples were setting fruit, or after? This can cause frost rings and russeting. I have it on some of my Galas now.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

Cooper sprays can russet yellow apples like Golden Dorsett and Golden Delicious.

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Sixty apples sounds like it may be too many apples for a first crop, though it really depends on the size of your tree. Pristine tends to overset - more than any other variety I grow - and is the only one I really have to thin. Mine are ripe now though with bloom 3 weeks early I expected them to ripen a month ago. The peaches and plums that bloomed early also ripened their fruit early, but it doesn't appear that will be true for the apples. I don't bag Pristine since it's usually too early for apple maggot to damage, but I've already caught the flies on the Pristines doing damage this year.

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H-man, thanks for the response. The apple is to ripen mid-July to early Aug. They are not huge apples, they are medium size. Russeting really won't bother me, but I just don't know how it happens.

Itilton, no freeze after fruit set.

Randy,did you mean Copper sprays? If so Copper was never sprayed on the tree and the apples are bagged.

Creekweb, yes, I've read that Pristine sets quite well. I thinned about twenty apples, then in June the tree dropped 17 apples. This is what is left. Did I leave too many on? It doesn't look as if they'll be full size as I cannot water. We have had our first full soaking 'rain' day in weeks. I'm sure all of my fruit will 'blow up' a bit after this rain. Thanks all. Guess they are right on time.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

Are you absolutely sure you got a Pristine? Any chance of a mislabel?

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Milehigh, they are Pristine for sure! Raintree is quite good about their labeling. And they are slowly, but slowly turning yellow. The apples facing due south have reddish blush, which is another characteristic of Pristine. Thanks for the thought.

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