Feed apple tree now?

ltiltonJuly 5, 2013

My Fuji is fruiting for the first time this year. Today, I notice that the color of the leaves isn't the same dark green as the other apple trees. Thinking it could use some fertilizer.

Is there any reason not to feed it now, with fruit on the tree?

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alan haigh

May or may not be about N. I don't think any harm would come from spreading a cup of urea or the equivalent under the drip line and watering it in to find out- assuming the soil seems the same as that of other trees, and you can find no physical cause by poking around the soil- particularly near the crown. Different varieties are said to react differently to any given nutritional deficiency in the soil.

If I was to do it I'd either do it right away or wait til Sept. No point in encouraging a late burst of growth.

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Soil isn't the same. Pretty sterile. I fertilize trees in this area every year because of that.

I did give it a cup of granular. Will see what happens.

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Update: I already see a distinct improvement in this tree. Leaves are darker green and just look better in all respects. [I also removed about 1/3 of the developing fruits, not to stress it]

Think I'll go feed a couple of the other trees in the same area.

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