newly planted d'anjou pear tree with no leaves

knightxlJuly 10, 2012

Help. My wife got us a d'anjou pear tree and it didn't have any leaves on it, which i found odd and should've probably gone back and exchanged it.

The branches and main stem are green and flexible and there it is white with green membrane inside the stem when i make a small cut in the branches.

It has been planted in the ground for about a week now and no sign of new growth. Is this tree done, should i dig it up and exchange it at Lowes where it was purchased? Or is it just dormant until next spring? Should i feed it something to encourge foliage.

Btw I did get a Bartlett pear tree to pair it with and it has plenty of foliage.

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Was the tree dormant when you bought it? Was it bare-root or potted?

If it was dormant, which is hard to believe at this time of year, you might give it more than a week to leaf out. But certainly not till next spring.

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It had no leaves when she bought it, she didnt think anything of it, it was the only one available that day. It was potted. Yeah I suppose i'll give it more time, hopefully it will sprout some buds soon.

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Well, the good thing about Lowes is it should have a one year guarantee from date of purchase, even if its on clearance, so save the receipt (unless you scanned your MyLowes card).

But, since this thing had since probably March in Zone 8 to leaf out and hasn't I would say something is probably wrong with it. Whether or not it comes out of it and grows is hard to say, but the longer they go without breaking the smaller the odds of survival in my opinion.

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