Grape growth has stalled?

citrusfishee(4)July 19, 2012

I have a king of the north grapevine growing, it is potted (and before you all lecture me on the impossibility of growing fruiting plants in pots, , I'm aware of the obstacles... Haha), the plant is doing really well, lots of new top growth, and 4 or 5 bunches of grapes.

The grape buds flowered a few months ago and the grapes have increased in size quite a bit, but the last month or so they seemed to have stopped getting bigger, though the plant continues to grow. They aren't what I know to be full grown grape size yet, and haven't ripened either. Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with the plant?

The grapes are roughly dime sized right now.

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Yes, perfectly normal. Most fruit does this, grows initially, gets to a certain size, and then doesn't physically grow very much for a while, or at least, grows much more slowly than it did initially, so that it has the appearance of not growing. During that time, though, processes are happening internally all working towards maturation of the seeds and ripening of the fruit. Eventually, it will start to grow again, and then ripen.

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