potted dwarf peach losing yellow leaves.

fireballsocalJuly 14, 2014

My honey babe genetic dwarf peach tree is losing yellow leaves and has rust colored damage on other leaves. The tree as a whole has lighter than normal leaves. The nursery where I purchased the tree looked at the leaf samples I brought in and was sure the tree was stressed from either lack of water or a mineral deficiency.

The tree is planted in a fairly large container and has been since March of this year.
The container and tree are in full sun for 6-8 hours a day.
Watering was being done on a weekly basis. Now I've stepped it up to every 2-3 days, even though the potting soil is moist 4 inches down.
I've fertilized with grow power flower and bloom 3-12-12 about a week ago.
These pictures are from today.
Any help would be appreciated. I've used the search function but found many conflicting opinions.

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I don't know if this is insect damage or something else.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You probably can't get it growing again this summer but fertilizing will prepare it to grow next spring. A good dose of organic like bloodmeal or cottonseed meal once a month will do the trick. A soluable fertilizer once a week will do the same.

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Try a foliar application of Miracle-Gro or it's equivalent. Go for the relatively high nitrogen content (first number), but not so high as to enter the lawn fertilizer realm(something 20 or less). Mix it into a watering can 1/2 strength and water liberally over the foliage and then give just a bit to the soil. Finer mist the better, peach tree leaves shed water very well. Do this in early morning before the sun gets hot. If you see no improvement in a few days check back. Make sure it has plenty of water after that...but don't make the soil wet...just moist.
To be honest...you're tree doesn't look too bad at all. The quality of the tree from what I can see above ground looks very good.
Did it look better when you planted it and if so, how long ago was that? Was it balled and burlapped...has it been brutally hot there?
Fruitnut grows awesomely beautiful trees. If he don't see a problem then neither do I. You CERTAINLY have no insect problem there. Looks like a deficiency...most likely N, far less likely Iron...and even less likely magnesium. That doesn't necessarily mean it's not in the soil...just means the plant isn't getting it. Peaches are delicious and they are also a pain in the ass.

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Thank you fruitnut and appleseed70. I planted a sister dwarf nectarine which is pushing out new growth but also losing leaves. Both plants were potted, I believe 7 gallon containers when I bought them in March. The leaf color was a darker green then. Yes, it has been in the mid nineties here and the trees/containers get full sun.

I've rummaged around in the bat cave, um, garage, and found some soluble miracle grow general plant food 24-8-16 I purchased for my roses. I mixed half strength and applied as recommended. I'll reply back in a week or so if anything changes.

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