Raspberry leaves turning yellow and brown.

aggieN82July 8, 2013

Please help!
I love raspberries so I decided to get a small bush for my backyard. I was so excited to watch them grow. Now most of the leave are yellow and dry and the fruits don't look so good either. Please help me figure out how to help my raspberries! Is there something I can do or my bush is done! I'm attaching a picture of how they look now. It's hard to explain since I'm not a gardener but I would love to learn more.

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How often are you watering the plant?

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That happened to mine this year too when I missed a couple of days of water during hot spells. They still look terrible but mine are still alive because the tips are putting out new green growth

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Mine are also dying. Turning yellow brown, curling and NO fruit. Some of the stems have just turned brown/dead. First berries were wonderful, sweet. But only got a few (5-6).it has been raining here in E TN nearly every day, so they don't need water. Any suggestions?

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Mine doing same, hot weather and not enough water I think is the culprit because I only see it after things heat up.

By the way, my virus software just popped up saying there was a threat from this site but luckily it caught it!

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