How Raspberries Spread?

rambleJuly 8, 2009

Are they limited to a certain distance from the mother plant?

Or do they keep spreading on and on if left unchecked?

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Ph, amount of water, sun and available nutrients all have an effect on the amount and quality of most fruit and vegetables. To figure out exactly what is different at that site, would be a guess on an outsiderÂs part. You would probably know better than us.

You could check the PH with a meter, and compare the soil makeup

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Sorry ramble, posted answer for above post.

But yes they will spread endlessly till they reach a wall or other obstacle. They can go one foot down and three feet over......... underground.

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Mr. ed is right. Raspberry containment is a very large consideration that needs to be done before planting. Otherwise, they will spread like you've never seen a plant before. Some people use barriers, but don't believe even a foot down will contain them. Other people here have reported that they found out that they should have gone deeper than that. You'll want to do your own research here. Personally, I use a lawnmower. Any cane outside the black edging gets repeatedly whacked by the mower. Good luck, -Glenn

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Whrn you mow raspberries down, does that cane die?

Does its root still spread? If so, the patch will take over your whole property???

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi Ramble-

When you the mow the dormant canes, usually those particular canes don't grow back (though sometimes/rarely you will get a "basal" cane which is an offshoot from that original pruned cane).

I'd say yes... If you had a patch of uncontained berries on your property, and you abandoned your house for many years, I could see the raspberries taking over the property... though this may be true for other plants as well (but I'd expect raspberries to be quicker about it.) Look at the wild bramble patches near your house and that would probably be a good indication of what would be possible. Here, some of those patches are much bigger than my house.

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I find that the lawnmower method of pruning is very effective at keeping raspberries within their confines.

I honestly don't know if any that have been mowed regrow. Seems likely some would, but for the most part I don't really pay attention. The frequent mowing simply keeps them from taking over the yard.

I would say at any given time during the growing season I probably have 10 or so shoots trying to take over the world, but with the frequent mowing they never get beyond that point.

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