keri pear for rent

ravenh2001July 23, 2013

In 2004 I had 1/2 ac of cleared land not fit to garden. I bid on 200 mixed fruit trees on ebay and got what I paid for (1.95 ea, free shipping) I recieved the 12-18"( sticks with what looked like a root end and planted them in land plow furrows 5' apart 20' between rows. they were all labled lol;. No fertilizer, water,mulch, or any care but mowing arround them twice a year. (lator I found ANC and planted alot more good trees) BAck ground semi complete back to subject. This year the 2 trees labled Keri are 15' tall very green and loaded with hundreds of fruit. You can rent the trees and take the fruit for .25 dollars if you can tell me what it is. When I goggle I get a resturant in New Zealand or a porn sight. I did look close to see if it resembled either one. sorry no

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Maybe its a Kerr apple?


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Post a pic of the tree, it's leaves and fruit.

How did the rest of your new orchard turn out?

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Keiffer pear

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E boone
I cant find a cord to plug in my 60's Manolta to the computer. You are talking to someone who wrote a letter to his grandmother on birch bark with alder charcoal and mailed it with a 2 cent stamp. The newer part of the orchard is doing very well and to be fair I spray the first ones when I spray the rest. Of the first 200 there are about 30 left . I have enough land and equipment to plant more without admiting defeat on my first so nature will deside which ones live. Wife has a new camera with a instruction book as thick as a novel. Maybe if I weed her rose hedge she will take a pic for me.
I did google keiffer and it doesn't seem to match. but holding the monitor next to the tree requires more extention cords than I have.
Seems from the responces i recieved I will have to drop opening bid to a dime?

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

How were the trees labeled? If they were handwritten, could the letters be anything else? The K could be P or R, maybe?

You're just going to have to join the 21st century. My prized Nikon FM sits gathering dust, but oh the fun we had together at one time! Mama don't take my Kodachrome away.

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There are a couple more possibilites that you could research - 1) KALLE - Mutation of Clapp's Favorite with solid, dark red blush, very attractive. Mild pleasant flavor; tree vigorous and productive. Ripens in late August. 2) SIERRA - BARTLETT X MARILLAT. Large green fruit with flavor and texture similar to BARTLETT but generally of finer quality. Does not scab easily. Originated in Summerland B. C. Ripens in late September.

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I discovered another possible explanation of the keri pear delima. "There was a Keri Leymaster, Extension Faculty, Horticulture who developed new pear tree varieties for warm climates and made it possible for Central Florida homeowners to raise these fruit in their backyards. These trees make a nice addition to the home landscape, and their compact size, beautiful flowers, and tasty fruit increase interest year round.
Traditionally, pears have required long cold periods to induce flowering. New University of Florida varieties have been developed that need minimal cold periods for fruit production. âÂÂChill hoursâ are the cumulative amount of time the temperature is below 45 degrees, and Central Florida averages between 150 and 310 chill hours per year. It is important to select trees with a minimal chilling requirement for your area. Weather will vary year to year, and a cooler winter may have more chill hours than a warmer winter. Selecting the varieties with low chill requirements will now make growing these delicious fruit Figure 1. âÂÂHoodâ Pear. possible on a reliable basis. The only three varieties that Central Florida homeowners should consider planting are âÂÂFlordahomeâÂÂ, âÂÂHoodâÂÂ, and âÂÂPineappleâÂÂ."

Maybe it is one of these?

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The rose hedge is wed so she even showed me how to load the pic. pear size is now about 1.5 inches through.

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