Mulberry No Longer Producing

valeriegrJuly 8, 2014

I had a grouping of mulberry that produced berries well for a few years. The power company had to replace a transformer and ended up taking down about a third of the group. Since that fall (about 2 years ago) the entire mulberry grouping has not produced. It looks very healthy in terms of leafy growth. Does anyone know if I can expect it to bounce back and produce again? Or can I do something to encourage it? I really miss the berries. Thanks!

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Most mulberries are either male or female. They may have removed one or the other, leaving you with either pollenating males or unpollenated females.

If you are getting regrowth from the ones cut down, that may solve the problem as they mature and begin to flower again. Look on Google for illustrations of their catkins. If you can find which sex you are lacking, you can take cuttings and relocate a few away from harm by the electric company. Regrowth will take years, of course. :o(

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