Appearance of sour cherries on Gisela 5 rootstock

mdo003July 14, 2012

I'm thinking about buying a montmorency cherry on gisela 5, from descriptions ive read i frequently see the rootstock gives an "open canopy" with "wide branch angles". i need the tree to look nice, i cant find any good pictures of mature cherry trees on gisela 5, i want to make sure the shape isnt overly squatty or bushy before i buy otherwise i might go with colt. can anyone vouch for it or have any pics handy? thanks

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

I've got a first-year Black Gold sweet cherry on Gisela 5. It has a central leader and 5 scaffolds that are indeed at nice angles, but they're not so long as to make the tree squat or bushy. In any case, you can prune to whatever shape you like. If you want more height and less width, then head back the branches each winter but not the central leader. But I don't think my tree is going to have a need for anything special. As I do with my apples, I'll snip off the central leader, close to the tip, each winter, and probably leave the branches alone unless they get way out of control after the second season. Not a big deal. With pruning you can get whatever shape tree that you want, and it doesn't take a ton of work on a dwarf rootstock.

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sounds good thanks. i saw a dwarf apple once that was really low to the ground and fat and gnarly looking, i dont think my wife would be happy with that she wants a nice standard looking tree

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The apple was probably pruned to be that way for ease of picking.

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