Apple tree infected, suggestions

balajeekJuly 20, 2013

I posted this message under 'Tree' and i also want here to see if i get replies that will help me fix the tree

My apple tree was growing faster and taller than last year (gala apple planted last year from stark-bros) i saw yellow tiny spots on the leaves a month ago and when researched i came to know it was cedar crust, i used Serenade Garden disease control every week hoping that it would cure, even though apple tree grown well but the yellow spot on the leaves got bigger and bigger and spread to most of the tree.
Yesterday evening i thought of removing all the affected leaves and to spray one more time, so i did remove all the leaves, while in the process i found a hole in the main branch of this tree and got shocked, its around 2 feet from the base, there was a shell only of some kind of bug around half inch just hanging in the hole, i removed it, then i also saw something inside, not sure if its alive or dead (i should look at in day light tomorrow). but overall it looks something bored into this tree, it was dark but i still took some pictures

One thing i remember is in the spring when we had heavy windy rain a branch fell off which is exactly that spot, now i wonder if it fell becaz of wind or this thing bored and made this branch to fall.

Not sure what to do with this cedar crust disease and this bore in the tree, please let me identify what this bug is and what i should be doing and is this tree will die?

Thank you for your support.

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I assume you'll post the photos you took of the insect and the hole.

As for the cedar rust, just leave the tree alone and let it keep its leaves. Nothing can be done at this time of year. Early next spring will be the time to begin a preventive spray program.

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I deal with cedar rust by putting baking soda in water at like a cup to a gallon then spray the trees. It stops the advancement. I respray after it rain, not always immediately but try to within a few days. my Honeycrisp would be dead if I didn't do this

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

cckw, how do you know the baking soda is stopping it? Cedar apple rust spots stop expanding on their own after awhile, and the new leaves are never infected, its a once a year infection. I tried various sprays on it which didn't do much, but I don't think I tried baking soda. Chopping down the cedar was what finally worked for me.

Balajeek, the spray timing for cedar apple rust is critical, the spores come out in a short window in the spring and you need to zap them in that period. I don't think spraying any other time is going to help.


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