Pear Tree Disease?

CuckooNestJuly 28, 2014

Dwarf moonglow. Planted this spring, leaves started browning and dying back a couple weeks ago. I apologize if I haven't provided the necessary info or proper format. I'm new here and too most of this yet. There is a starkling delicious in the background which is fine but I do have a starkrimson cherry that hasn't really grown at all

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my guess is over watered and drowned the roots. It's a goner based on my experience. Read this forum all winter and when you get to spring and planting a replacement you will know a whole lot more

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I apologize for the picture's orientation, I'll see if I can fix that.

I suppose over watered could be a possibility but I'm skeptical for a number of reasons. I have sandy well drained soil and haven't supplemented any water myself due to ample rainfall. There is a starking delicious 10' away which is looking absolutely great imo, It isn't in the picture as I mentioned as I must have chosen the wrong one. I'll see if I can link to my photobucket album for more pics

Here is a link that might be useful: More Pics

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Well, I'm sorry to say it but I think it's fire blight. I'd suggest a google search. (I tend to see every little pear issue as fire blight, so don't take my word for it!)

Not sure what to recommend- it's too late for spray, and you don't have a lot of wood to work with if you try to prune it out. Sometimes FB strikes don't go deep into the wood and the tree recovers on its own. Good luck.

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Sorry I agree-- Fire Blight

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Thanks, I was afraid of that. I've looked at hundreds of pictures but I wasn't really sure. I couldn't find any tell tale signs of what I've read to be certain. This morning I could see the trunk and branches did have a blotchy black appearance. Yeah I don't think pruning is much of an option since there wouldn't be much left. At least SB will replace it free within the first year.

I guess I should get it out ASAP to avoid spreading infection to the other trees?

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Might want to wait for one or two more opinions and suggestions ... but I myself would probably yank it and start over.

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Do you know what rootstock it's on? Moonglow on calleryana is usually considered fireblight immune, at least in Texas. On ohf333 and other dwarfing rootstocks fireblight can be a problem. Where in ark are you?

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I don't know specifically but I was provided with a PDF listing "most likely" rootstock for dwarf pears as ohf 333 or 513. The plant's manual labels it as "blight resistant"

Central Arkansas, Little Rock area

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I suggested water higher up.... I do not think fireblight. My limited experience with pears is that struggling pears get that fireblight look, or maybe it is fireblight but it doesn't take over and if you can get the plant on the right track you loose all of the black.

You have green leaves that are wilted, that is not what fireblight looks like, but is what it looks like with water problems.

Water problems are this: not enough or too much. the result is the same above ground.

If you added a bunch of compost with it, that can water log. If it originated as a potted tree that soil can be the cause by being so porous that all water that runs across the top of the ground runs into the hole then is held there like a cup of tea.

My experience has led me to believe the best thing is planting bare root and in the native soil only. Compost scattered on top to leach down, and do that periodically forever.

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I took a good look at that photo since you rotated it, there is that drainage contour through your yard, it seems to come right to this tree. You said a lot of rain lately. Carefully dig into your trees hole and see if it is a muddy mess.

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I don't think it's fireblight. I also have a Moonglow on calleryana, and I'm experiencing the same conditions as your pic shows. My tree is 5 years old and has fruit for the first time. I believe mine is caused by a combination of extreme heat and drought conditions. I keep pruning out the branches with dead leaves, and I keep the tree as well watered as I can. The tree has perked up and the dead leaves have become a non issue. Whenever the leaves start to turn brown, it's a definite sign of heat stress and lack of water, so I put the water hose to it, and all is well again. Although your tree is smaller than mine, I would adopt the same approach to try and save the tree.

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If it's fireblight--not that i know if it is or not--ohf333 may be fireblight resistant in some parts of the country; but little rock is similar to texas and I'd only plant a moonglow on calleryana. Ohf333 might work but it'd be a gamble

How's that for wishy washy answers!

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I have the same problem with one of the pear tree. It s drying up! But has some good pears. The other one is doing great.
Do we have to water it every day? How long?

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Your tree has other issues. Why did you plant it so close to the fence? I'd wait for it to go dormant, give it a good pruning, and move it to a spot where it has a chance to grow.

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