First large fruit this year and something ate it hehe

armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)July 13, 2012

So my 2nd year with my fruits/plants.

Here is my general report. I had 3 fruits on this Double Jewel peach tree (pruning it Backyard-Orchard style so think that cut down on some fruit-set on it this year). Two the them squirrels got before they got big. One of them however made it nice and plump. Pic is attached along with another pic its really pretty spring bloom earlier this year.

Was gonna pick it yesterday and put it on the window sill to ripen. Thought i been lucky and was safe for a few more days of getting it sun-baked... Found it half chewed on it today lol. Might have been a possom or something, it was like 8inches off the ground. But I cut off the top and savored the rest of it. No disease problems minus some scale on it last year thats is gone now. Will put a mini fence around trees next year or a bird net I think. Do deer eat things like peaches through a bird net?

Might get 1 Baby Crawford peach this year.

Indian Free Peach replacement I got didn't do too well this year (One from last year died). Might graft something to replace it.

My SpiceZee Nectaplum plant again growing probably the fastest, but no blooms this year. Hopefully it does well in this climate and just needs a few years to fruit?

Anyway its a pretty tree. purple leaves turn gradually more green over summer (sorry for low quality cell phone pics).


Aromatanya got quince cedar rust on a few branches (like 2 out of 12 branches). Cut them off so it wouldn't spread to others. Other 4 quinces fine so far minus a few aphid problems eating up the leaves and occasional brown leaves (which i thought would be fireblight but rest of branch grows strong producing green leaves/growth and no 'sheppards crook' so leaving those branches on for now).

Parent's Persian Green Plum produced about 10 small green plums (Iranians eat them with salt when they are unripe haha). Black Knot got it last year on the trunk. Came back this year. Will cut off it again i guess. It had alot of blooms, wonder if it needs another pollenizer to get better fruit set. Anyone know if its a European or Jap plum? RainTree has on their site but not sure which category listed under.


Salevatski is looking like it might produce some pomegranates if no animal gets them:

Will have better report next year as I'll have about 15+ different Russian varieties going into 2nd/3rd year (and no more room to plant them in ground but i'll figure something out haha).


Persian Medlar making fruit its first year. Pretty tree.


Just got some this year. Def noticed the non-bareroots doing much better than the bareroots. My Mango pawpaws non-bareroots put on like a foot of growth in the small pots I have them in this 1st year. Heard they grow faster than other pawpaws.


Again Persian (Morus Nigra) is mostly light green leaves, but its not doing great. Same as last year: Lackluster growth and yellow leaves occasionally fall off. Got a few berries off it.

Cooke's Pakistan is in 2nd year too, its funny 99% of buds get killed off by frost/weather (one bud only made it last year too). That one bud that made it was close to the ground and produced alot of growth, like 4ft branches so far. Heard its hardier as gets more established. HUGE pretty dark green leaves!!! 12in from tip to tip:


Red/white currants grown as Cordons. Notice from last year and this year that in the heat they basically stop growing even in shade. Got some berries off White Imperial this year. The Gooseberies I planted year growing super slow.

Black currants planted this year have good bushy growth.


Prob the worst performers. has acid soil, fertilizers with HollyTone. just doesn't put on much green growth and branches die off too. Might turn that area into a pomegranate since I need to room next year to plant them.

Veggie garden:

This prob takes most time.

35 tomatoes spaced about 3ft apart. Some in cages and some attached to rope going horizontally across (two 7ft 'green trellis poles' at each row end i got from Lowes, 3 rows=21 plants and 11 in cages, and some in pots).

Also have 22 different kinds of hot peppers in 5g bag pots just to sample a few different varieties.

Also trying out some small and large melons (Noir de carmes, Charenteis, Persian melon).

Better video of my setup:

Ripped out my Alpine strawberries and making a raised bed herb garden for my sis, next to a few fig trees that survived winter:

Alpines were nice, i just didn't like searching for them. Musk strawberries produced a larger unusual Koolaid Grape/Stawberry mixed flavor. Think I'll keep those.

Here's a link to everything I'm growing fruit-wise:

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Hi, Please let me know how your melons do this summer. I planted the same varieties for the past three years. Got two great Charentais only. Very disappointing. It being so hot this year I should have planted them! Mrs. G

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Do u mine sending me some pomegranate cuttings. I would really appreciate it.

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

I can send a few probably off my older plants. Send me your contact email so i can send in the winter ( mine is ).

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