Small cracks on trees

canadianplantJuly 18, 2014

I noticed these cracks on my Plum and some on my apple. None on my cherry or pear. Is this winter damage or something else?

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Bump for an interesting question!

I have the same issue on one of my apples. My guess is either the winter here in Milwaukee (which wasn't that cold IMHO) or something more strange to me. The only thing I could think of is quick increase of diameter where the bark couldn't keep up with the circumference. Like I said Milwaukee wasn't really that cold to cause damage like that and I did a very heavy pruning (70 percent off the tree). Perhaps the pruning kick started the growth and stretched the bark too much. In the end I have no idea though.

Anyone care to comment that knows?

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Same here in Massachusetts. three of my apple trees have some good sized rips in the bark like that.

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It's nothing to be concerned about. yes a winter issue. time will fix it.

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Had that happen to a plum tree. The crack on the trunk got bigger and the tree eventually died. Not sure if the roots could have wrapped around and 'strangled' the tree as I kept it in a sunken pot although I did cut out the bottom.

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Yep...I had the same here in MD on my Damson plum, only mine is far worse. Seems to be the theme this year. I suspect mine will likely be ultimately lethal.

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Thanks everyone.

We did have a cold winter with a lot of snow (4 or 5 feet), plus a fast snow melt followed by cool temps. Weve also had a lot of wind.

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