Pear leaves

goudreauJuly 16, 2012

Wondering whats on my summercrisp pear tree leaves; the pears themselves are doing great but the leaves seem to be suffering.


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Google "pear blister mites"... Looks like that could be your issue. Red spotting on brand new leaves, turning to black later?

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That sounds like it. It is hitting the summercrisp the worst and bartlett the least. I was seeing if I could do my pears spray-free but looks like I may need to rethink that.

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Blister mites can be treated with an organic spray. Do the small new leaves have red blisters on them? It could be fabrea leaf spot as well, but I think that would be affecting your fruit.

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I have almost the exact samething on my bartlett, and a lesser extent on my Asian pears this year. Ill check them again this weekend but from memory that is what I have. I thought it was very early stages and very light case of fire blight. Sooooo much to learn on my part.

Anyone know if Triazicide once and done takes care of this critter?

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I had something similar on my apple/pear trees. The only thing is, it started after we got 3 months of rain in 2 weeks, so I assumed it may be some sort of fungus.

I sprayed the trees with a mix of dishsoap and water, and since then all new growth has been free of the blotching. Either the soap did something to the fungus, or it was a bug infestation I got rid of.

My neighbor only sprays once a year, and never has problems. He uses organic sprays

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Soap, oil, and sulphur are all good remedies for blister mite. I find sulphur is best for stubborn cases, it shuts them down for the season. Spray just before the leaves come out in the tree .. there is a reason for the phrase "nip it in the bud" :-)


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