Are these grapes okay to eat? :)

silent88July 13, 2013

My red flame seedless grapes I posted about before started getting a black mold on some :x I was waiting the 3 weeks for them to be very ripe but picked them about a week early because I didn't want it to grow anymore. It seemed to all wash off but some of the grapes have blacky stuff like stuck to the skin. Like the picture. Can I eat these? I think I've seen it on store bought grapes.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Have you ID'd the mold and it's cause? We have gotten powdery mildew on ours, but it's not black. Not sure what you've got on yours.

Where in So CA are you? We lived on a golf course in the hot desert, and because they watered so much, the wind would blow those sprinklers over to our grapevines and they were damp when they shouldn't have been.

Grapes like to be dry above ground, and they love heat. We moved away from that unusually damp place onto dry ground and the grapes love it here!

I think you could eat them, but if they aren't ripe, they won't taste good. Powdery mildew affects grapes by giving them a bad flavor, but you can still eat them.

You can click on the link below and maybe identify what is wrong with your grapes and how to prevent it in the future.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grape Pest Management Guidelines

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I honesty can't tell. It's just sort of a dark colored mold that's growing on even some of the new shoots. I ate a few earlier and I'm fine, but I still don't want to be eating mold!

I'm about a little less than a mile from the ocean in southern Orange County.

They taste fine, could be a little sweeter but either way store-bought quality.

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