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buttershugJuly 5, 2013


I bought the 1" sweet cherry tree from local Wamart 8 years ago. It has established and looks healthy but it bears few fruits - about two dozens a year. When I planted it I wasn't aware cherry trees need cross pollenation so I just threw away the tree tag w/o noting the variety. I only know it is a sweet cherry and not Rainier.

I don't konw if it is a self fertile type but for 5 years every year it bears but just very few fruits. I am positive it is the only cherry tree in the neighborhood. Is it possible for a non-self fertile tree to bear some fruits?

I am trying to find out what it is so I can choose the right one for 2nd cherry tree in the yard.

It flowers a lot and early - about 10 days earlier than the Stanley/Italian plums in my yard. The flower photo was taken 4/30 this year. I am posting multiple photos hoping someone can help to identify the tree.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It's probably not self fertile or it would likely bear more fruit. It's most likely to be Bing but there are many other possibilities. A real expert might be able to tell some cherries apart by the shape of the fruit. I can't, they just aren't that different.

A self fertile variety like Lapins would fertilize Bing and most any other self sterile variety. Other self fertile varieties that would probably work are Whitegold, Blackgold, Sandra Rose, and Skeena.

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My Stella fruits sparsely like that. From Walmart's, it'd probably be a really common variety like Stella.

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