What's happening to my Triple Crowns???

2ajsmamaJuly 21, 2012

Planted TC blackberries (as well as some different raspberries and blueberries) early this May after frosts. The TC leafed out nicely, were really getting tall (all seemed to be growing uphill - north) when I noticed wilting tips. I looked this AM and as soon as I touched one it fell off! Like it was girdled, still connected but a small section has died, shrunk slightly, and gotten woody. 3 out of 5 are affected. Help - is there anything I can do? The rest of the plant(s) look healthy, it was just the tips, and one plant is flowering.

This is the one the tip broke off - see how the (new) end is hard and brown?

Another one still hanging on - but same brown section (about the same length, too).

This one the tip0 has withered and died already

We did have a very dry July, I was trying to keep them watering (with overhead watering), no fungus that I can see on leaves but a lot of Japanese beetle or similar damage. The raspberries in the same row look OK and I've even gotten fruit off them - only the blackberries are affected (for now?).

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One of the cane borers, no doubt. See the information at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: UCONN info on cane borers

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Either can borers or not enough water.

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I'm going with the cane borers since they did look girdled just a few inches from the tips and the rest of each plant looks good. Just took a knife and cut them off. Noticed some leaf hoppers too - the woods are full of wild brambles, I don't know how close they might be since I haven't looked north of the house. Did see some yesterday with broken (?) wilted tips maybe 500 ft from the house, on old logging road we use to get out to fields (and more wild berries) about 1000ft away. I will destroy those - they don't bear (much) anyway, being heavily shaded. I thought 300ft was about the limit (of course we could have some closer to the north, but I can't go destroying flora on the neighbors' property).

Thanks for the help.

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