Cantaloupe leaves - help please

Cocogirl123July 11, 2013

Is anyone able to identify what is doing this to my cantaloupe leaves? I can't find any bugs on the leaves or nearby. They first appear to have these holes that get bigger then eventually start browning. They have seemed to do so well til the last week and I'm hoping I can salvage them! Also, if you are able to recommend what to do - the least damaging to us and the environment the better for us (we're not organic by try to be as close as possible).

Thank you!!!

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Have you tried looking at night with a flashlight? That is when much insect feeding happens.

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I would let them go and keep an eye on them. If they started out as holes and then turned into splits, it would appear to be wind damage or rough handling of some sort. Holes can be started by all kinds of things. At the end of the season here in So Cal muskmelon and cukes look pretty tattered from wind, bird foraging, and harvesting. You should be able to get a crop in if the plant is actively growing and putting on new leaves.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Any chance it's powdery mildew? Is there a white fungal growth covering the leaves?

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Thank you for the feedback. I'll see if I can find anything tonight with a flashlight. I see why you are wondering if it's powdery mildew. Unfortunately (for my phone) it's just the horrid camera in my phone, rather than being anything white. Fortunately (for my plants) I haven't been hit yet this year with powdery mildew. While this hasn't happened with my squash, it does seem to be happening to my honeydews in a whole different bed too. Since we have had several more storms than are typical (and several windy days) I'll just hope it's that if I don't find any insects tonight.

Thank you!!

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Looks like hail damage, but I guess you'd know if you had hail. Next guess would be to take a look with a flashlight after sunset and see if slugs are feeding.

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Are you seeing new healthy growth and flowering on the vines?

BTW, I'm growing Ambrosia melons again this year, which is the best melon I've tasted to this point. They stay a little on the small side for me, which I prefer as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: [Ambrosia](

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