what disease causes these black spots on my peaches (pics)

lycheeluva(6/7)July 4, 2009

i get these spots on my pEACHES EVERY YEAR- is this black rot?

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Peach Scab. It is a fungus whose life cycle takes longer than does the Peaches to ripen. So it says superficial. I thought I had it licked with Immunox this season but with soooo much Rain about ten percent of my Peaches have it. I am using the Monterey Fungi Fighter(propconisol)(sp) upstate. Frost kill was terrible and anything still hanging dropped recently due to no sun or damaged pollination. Immunox does a great job. Next season I will trey the Fungi Fighter on Long Island. I lost a Stella cherry tree that was thriving Upstate. The tree nicely leafed out twice and was frost killed. The root stock is send up suckers to graft maybe a Kristen cherry next spring. A Black Gold Cherry right next to the Stella has pulled through. Some old St Lawrence grapes vines might be dead too.

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alan haigh

I believe that scab on peaches isn't so superficial, but leads to very aggressive brown rot in humid areas. I don't know if that is based on research or is just a anecdotal assumption,however. The two diseases certainly seem to go hand in hand with scab showing first. I'd want to get some Indar or Orbit on that peach ASAP.

Unfortunately the over-the-counter fungicides like Captan aren't affective unless you spray them weekly. Indar usually works with well timed sprays done once or twice.

You can buy these compounds on-line or from an ag supplier, but you'll get enough for 3 lifetimes and spend well over $100.

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thanks-guys- so after learning how to control peach leaf curl and black rot, next year's goals are control of OMF and peach scab. wouldnt it be great if there was one spray that controlled most major fungas/bacteria/insects as bonide fruit tree spray claims to do but of coruse does not.

harvestman- would it be legal for you to sell me a small amount of indar and if yes, do u have any you r willing to sell me

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alan haigh

Sorry, not legal- I'm not licensed to sell.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Indar is available for home growers from Shlabach's nursery. I don't use it because it has a funky label. The label says you must stay away from ponds 75 ft away. There is a pond closeer than 75 feet from some of my trees, so I don't use it. Orbit doesn't have that restriction. As i understand it, Syngenta has quit producing Orbit, and has renamed it Tilt, which is the same product. Mana produces a generic product of Orbit/Tilt, with the same exact label. The generic product is called Bumper. It is much cheaper.

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

According to Scott F. Smith, you can get Orbit as a homegrower as "Monterey Garden Fungi-fighter". -Glenn

Here is a link that might be useful: Where to buy Monterey Fungi-Fighter

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alan haigh

Orbit is almost as good as Indar from some research I saw some time ago- probably no noticable difference for the home grower. They are related- both sterol inhibitors. I assume Orbit is also systmic and won't wash off in rain.

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many thanks- will try immunox next year as AOS said above it works for him, and I already use immunox for my grapes (which so far has worked this year). if the immunox does not work will try generic orbit the following year. fun fun fun.

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alan haigh

Immunox is not the same as Indar and not very affective on bronw rot. It works on blossum blight- which I have never seen. Cornell doesn't even list is as fair for brown rot.

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