Planted Grapes

GrapeEaterJuly 3, 2012

I planted grapes for the first time this spring. I think they are called bare root? it was a stem or bare stick with roots. It took a while but eventually each one I have 2 total sprouted a bud and a couple leaves. After a week or so from that they started to turn brown and curl up and die... Now all I have left are the stems/sticks! I was watering a good amount every other day... did not realize grapes don't need a lot of water. I have heavy clay soil... although the hole I planted them in drains really well. Will these bud and grow again or should I just scrap these stems? I am really bummed because I cannot find grape stems for sale this time of the season..... and I wanted to have growth going for next year... Any help would be GREAT!



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I bought these from Family Farm and Home. They were indoor and were in a package with no buds started. I planted them in Peat Moss and a mixture of sandy top soil. I do naturally have heavy clay soil. I dug a big hole and filled it with the above mentioned materials. Something must have been done right in order for both to sprout buds and grow leaves... but then something went really wrong...

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Sounds like they drown. Watering heavily every other day is too much. With no leaves they aren't using water. Once a week would be better unless they faced heavy competition from other plants. Only water when they soil dries out around the roots.

Also don't amend heavy soil. If it drains poorly plant on a mound. Peat moss in a clay hole is like sticking them in a bathtub and filling it with water.

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Mound that's a good idea! So are the dead? or will they bud again?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

They are probably dead.

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That makes me sad. I live in Michigan any idea where I can get some stems this time of the season? I really want to get some started this summer/fall or is that not a good idea this time of season?

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I would say "not so fast". I wrote off a couple of grapes a few years ago and never got around to either replanting or even removing the "corpses" . Today I found that each of them have short tendrils with two small leaves! This after years?! -Years of my seeing only dried brown ( dead) stems.
( seems I read something about our pioneers utilizing this dormancy-like nature of grapes to haul them over here and then cross country.....)

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