Georgia blueberries overtake Georgic peaches!

ericwiJuly 23, 2013

According to a recent edition of the Christian Science Monitor, the Georgia blueberry crop, on an annual basis, is bigger than the peach crop, and has been since around 2005. I had no idea. Here in Wisconsin, most of our summer blueberries are grown within 300 miles, and I don't recall seeing Georgia blueberries recently. We do see Georgia peaches every summer, and they are the best, in my opinion.

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Here is Georgia conditions are almost perfect for growing blueberries. The PH of our Georgia clay is naturally around 5.0 which is what blueberries like and the plants grow fast in our heat and humidity. Plus here in North Georgia you can grow both northern highbush and southern highbush varities as well as rabbiteye's. Its a no-brainer, easy to grow plant here.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

MI grows both too. The west side of the state has more acidic soil, and the east side basic. I'm on the east side but still grow them in raised beds. MI produces more blueberries than peaches too. MI produces the most highbush blueberries of any state. British Columbia though produces more. We are 6th in peaches. Paul Friday of Flamin' Fury fame is from MI.
Blueberries are native plants, and have spread to Europe. Peaches originate from Asia. Thye were brought over a long time ago, along with honey bees...

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I lived near Pine Mountain, GA in the early 80's and the gardens where I worked had an off-site blueberry and fruit tree orchard. I have never before or since had blueberries like those. They were the size of a quarter, and sweeter than anything. My parents came to visit and we went BB picking, mother still talks about how fabulous those BB were, over 30 years later! I would take the GA over MI any day, and would love to have more of those blueberries!


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Well, OK, I guess. For Georgia to grow more blueberries than peaches, I mean. But I can grow blueberries in our yard, here in Madison, and I can't grow peaches, so I really hope that Georgia fruit growers keeping growing peaches, too.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

"I would take the GA over MI any day"

Well the sales speak for themselves....
You're in the minority. What is it you don't like about MI blueberries?

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Veering slightly off topic -- I'm a So Cal guy that spent a Summer in Georgia (that was a real climate shock) a few years back for business reasons. I remember directions like, "take peachtree lane to peachtree blvd and circle back around to peachtree court." So if they were to slip in an occasional blueberry street at some point, visitors might be able to get around a little better. :)

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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

Hey Chris,

I'm in Ga 7b as well (just south of Chattanooga). Do you have blueberries? I've planted a few bushes this year. They are all rabbiteye varieties (Climax and Tiftblue). I've never considered any highbush varieties because I've read that rabbiteyes were best for Georgia.

What have you found to be some of the better varieties of blueberries (rabbiteye or highbushes) for our area?

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shazaam(NC 7B)

You'll find a very helpful pdf document here.

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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

Shazaam! wow, that is a very good read. Thank you...

Wish I would have read this before planting a couple of these rabbitey varieties.

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I have primariliy the rabbiteye varieties as well, a mixture of some of the new University of Ga releases as well as the older varieties. My newest purchase is the new release Titan.

My next purchase will be the sweetcrisp southern highbush that folks on this blog rave about. Not sure if it will work here but the plants are cheap so not much downside risk in experimenting.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Sweet crisp that I have come from Homerville only had dozen berries to eat will plants more have 11 plants now.
Farlthing has widest fruiting season 2 months 10 days this year on small plants.
The new canes on Sweet crisp growed 48 inches with side limbing.

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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

Where did you find the Titan? I've been trying to find them ever since UGA released them.

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I got the them from Cornelius Farms, a commercial grower in south GA. When you call be prepared for frustration, you will likely be transferred to a guy that rarely answers his phone and has no voice mail. Be persistant and you will get your plants. They have good prices for homeowners, looks like they carry sweetcrisp, should pick up a few of those also. Chris

Here is a link that might be useful: Cornelius Farms

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