Coddling moth solutions

goudreauJuly 29, 2013


What have you had success with?


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Spinosad sometimes- seems to depend on close timing. Has some reachback, meaning not all stings result in real penetration of the larvae. Some residual effect.

Triazicide consistently- still need to time but there's a bigger window. Definite residual effect.

Malathion sometimes- another short window, limited residual effect.

Didn't stay with mating disruption and/or Surround (kaolin clay) well enough to judge them.

Baggies usually work, but can be problematic; footies didn't help me very much and I disliked using them. Baggies and footies both are very time consuming if you have very many to do.

Haven't tried bottle traps and don't remember the recipe, but maybe I should try to find it for next year.

Good luck.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I use a combination of spinosad, codling moth granulosis virus, and mating disruption. Unfortunately these things tend to be hard to get, but they work reasonably well. Which reminds me, I need to do more spinosad/granulosis spray here.. the later generation moths can be problematic for me.


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