Cedar Apple Rust treatment?

grovestead(4)July 8, 2014

We planted 12 apple trees (mixed variety) this spring, about 2 months ago and I am seeing signs of cedar apple rust (rust-colored spots on leaves), if my research is correct.

Since this is a new planting I removed most of the apple blossoms and didn't get around to spraying until just 2 weeks ago. I am using Bonide Fruit Tree spray.

My question is: 1) what is effective treatment (spray) for CAR? and 2) does it matter to spray anymore if i don't plan to harvest apples and my trees already have CAR? (in other words, should i just wait until treating until next spring or will it make a difference to treat CAR this year?)


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Wait til next spring.

Get a better treatment than the Bonide spray.

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If it is just random appearances don't worry about it. But if it wants to kill all of the leaves then get more serious.

You can knock it back with baking soda at the rate of 1//4 cup per gallon. But you have to reapply after each rain.

Dormant oil spray in the spring is the thing to do.

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Can you elaborate on treatment options? Is there a fruit spray that will handle CAR as well?

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The fungicide in the Bonide spray is Captan. It isn't effective against CAR.

When you use a multipurpose spray, you're limited in when you can use it because it can't be sprayed during bloom, because of the bees. If I could do one thing to improve growing, it would be eliminating the Bonide multipurpose spray.

A much better product is Immunox, the fungicide-only formulation.

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and there is always....sulfur

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