Raspberries and blueberries

stack316(6)July 13, 2013

1st time grower of both Raspberries and blueberries, all 3 plants were planted this spring. The raspberry seems to be out of control. Any suggestions as to what to do.? do they get pruned, do a put in a tomato cage?

thank you


2 blueberries

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The raspberries are uncontrolled, not out of control.

A large tomato cage could work, is a two-person job now, one to hold the berry canes vertical.

Better to just drive a stake in about a foot away and tie the canes loosely to that. For one clump of raspberries, that will work. Metal lasts longer than wood. Pruning depends on the variety of raspberry.

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You got a weed growing over that one blueberry. Or I've lost my mind....

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That raspberry is not out of control. It is trying to take over your yard. It knows exactly what it is doing. If your soil and climate are to the liking of this particular raspberry cultivar, it will send out horizontal roots, and sprout new plants several feet away from the mother. These volunteers can be pulled up as weeds, or mowed down, or allowed to grow. It is your choice. It is certainly possible to keep a raspberry patch confined to one spot, and thinned out enough so that one can get at and pick all of the ripe fruit. However, there is some effort involved-you could say that raspberries are not well behaved...

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I noticed that also about your first Blueberry pic.The big leaf plant doesn't look like one. Brady

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

The big plant next to the blueberry is a pokeweed....you need to get rid of it carefully.

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about the weed, saw that and was ready to pull it, thanks for confirming. should be fun to remove without killing the blueberry

will probably go with the stake idea

thank you

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I bought two raspberry plants from Lowe's and the plant is described as "Mysore". However I noticed that someone had posted that this plant is actually a "Caroline" since the "Mysore" is a black raspberry and this tag surely shows this berry to be a conical RED. I know that these two varieties are certainly different in how they are handled at the end of the growing season.

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