pruning 'Royalty' purple raspberry

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)July 20, 2014

Seems that most people say that these should be trained and pruned like a black, but I've heard they have a more red-like growth habit.

All these years, I've never tried them and may buy some.

What's the right way to prune them?

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Also - how does 'Glencoe' compare? Thornless is always good. Is the fruit better than Royalty?

Would it be pruned the same day?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Purples are pruned like blacks. You prune up to late July. Well tip them. It would be or could be at different times as depending on growth of the canes. Tipping at 4 feet is usually done. This year because I had so many floricanes in the way I didn't prune them till my blacks were 6 feet. Growth habit of purples is not like reds as far as I know. Maybe Glencoe is? Depends what genes is dominant in the cultivar. I also tip some reds, as I don't like canes taller than 6 feet. When full of fruit they hang over too far. That is for summer bearing. I do not tip fall bearing else I would be cutting off most of the fruit!

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Actually, 'Royalty' purple raspberry grows more like a red raspberry than a black raspberry. Royalty grows tall (6ft+) but does not have the prostrate (e.g. lying down) growing habit that a black raspberry does. I have summer tipped them before but the primocanes do not always put out lateral branches. The canes tend to be sturdy and stiff but need a wire to support them from falling over with fruit, of which they product a lot.

'Glencoe' purple raspberry grows more like a black raspberry and will arch over like a black raspberry. My Glencoe's are still rather small but there are pictures of Glencoe on the web that show the prostrate growth habit.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I just pruned my Allen again. This time I removed some primocanes. it grew 15 straight up, 6 feet tall. I tipped them last week. Anyway they seemed to be too many canes, so I removed 6 of the smallest ones. One as mentioned elsewhere, is fruiting, a primocane, weird, berries are not rip yet, although all floricanes are done and have been removed.
As far as sprawling or not sprawling, to me my black never did, so yeah they grow like reds, but so do my blackberries except for trailing types.
Each of these 9 canes will throw 3 or4 laterals 12 feet long. I'll cut them back in the fall. In that sense they grow like blackberries.
Once that one primocane fruits, I'll top it and root some laterals that form and try to develop a new plant. See if it keeps throwing fruiting primocanes.

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15 canes... wow! That's amazing. At most, I think I had around 6 canes on one crown. I may need to add a lot of organic material to my beds to improve the productivity of my black raspberries.

The included picture is of my 'prostrate' growing Jewel black raspberries. I'll take a picture of the Royalty purple raspberry plants and post it later.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

It seems my laterals grow more like your tips. they are prostrate. Yeah I left 9 canes. i think that is plenty. The photo is after pruning. It was very difficult to cut, but I made myself. Like thinning fruit on fruti trees, it has to be done. One tutorial I saw said to leave 5 canes, so I think your production is more normal. I do use a lot of organic fertilizer. In the spring I put compost around the crowns, and used organic fertilizer too. A couple weeks ago i gave them another shot of organic. I used different items, what's on hand. In the spring I used hollytone
A couple weeks ago I used Microlife vegetable fertilizer.
I have used Alfalfa in the past too. A good cheap organic.
I have heard many times raspberries don't really need it, but mine grow huge with it. So I use fertilizer. Probably too much, it can be expensive.
I use milorganite for my grass, it's human waste, safe for vegetables, but I'm not too keen on using it for that. But what is nice is I don't worry about the fertilzer flying all over from the grass into my beds, it is registered for use on food. 12 bucks for a huge bag. Like 40 pounds.

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I have pruned my royaltys and glencoes but much shorter, based on advice from NRAES, at 32" or so, and taking off 4". They actually suggest not to top purples even though it makes them more productive because of the possibility of disease entry, but that hasn't been a problem for me so far.

I left most of the length of the laterals on the royalty canes and they're all producing fruit, though they're smaller as you get to the ends.

Here is a link that might be useful: NRAES Book PDF

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

So it appears that Edible Landscaping, Burpee, and this place in Texas called Talbott Nursery carry Glencoe. How does this one taste? Is it more black-like or red-like in flavor?

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My Glencoe have not produced fruit yet.

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Mine are still in their first year of growing too, so I haven't had any fruit yet.

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Just had some of my first batch of Royalty Purple Raspberry jam and it was amazing! What a great flavor...highly recommended.

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I grew Royalty purple raspberries for a couple/few years, but grew the canes in a large pot of about 18" wide and deep. In that experience they didnt grow super tall, and were mostly upright, but I didnt like the flavor at all. That could be pot or soil related though, who knows, as from my experience there can be large discrepancies in flavor even between raspberry plants of the same variety. I saw that in 2 identical gold/orange raspberry plants where the soils where each was planted were different and the location was different(5 miles apart), and the taste difference was night and day..........

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

"Just had some of my first batch of Royalty Purple Raspberry jam and it was amazing! "

I put in a Royality this year, a free replacement. But it is just hanging on. I think it will grow, but a slow start.
So did you use them when purple or when red?
I have enough fruit for jam, but waiting for a bit to get some wild blackberries, and for my blackberries to finish.

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I picked the berries (e.g. Royalty) when they were past red but not quite fully ripe. As I mentioned before, the fresh eating flavor was OK, but not outstanding. The processed flavor, as jam, has been a big positive. I only had 4 canes that had fruit this year since this was the 'baby' crop, but I picked several pounds from those 4 canes. I probably have 20-30 canes now, so I'm hoping for a big harvest next year.

I would agree with HighlanderNorth that flavor does vary based on a number of factors. Most of the blackberries I raised in pots have produced sub-standard results.

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