Wasps eating my raspberries. Help?!

kim0201July 25, 2013

My raspberry plants are full of berries for the first time. They have succumbed to deer in past years. But now I'm noticing the wasps are nibbling on the berries as they ripen. I'm leary of spraying an insecticide. Are there other options besides sharing? I won't mind that but they are eating them all. TIA for suggestions.

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I've read soapy water kills them. It coats their bodies and they lose their protective layers and die. I use it in the ant moat of my hummingbird feeder and the wasps die. Be careful though because the soap took the color off my red super bells and they turned tan :( Luckily, a storm came and washed away the tan flowers. If there are just on or two wasps eating the fruit you could kill them with a fly swatter, but it sounds like there are a lot of them.
Good luck, Eric

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Thank you Eric for the suggestion. I will try the soapy water. Yes, too many for a swatter. Darn! :)

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