What the heck is doing this to my Blueberries?

Bradybb(wa8)July 7, 2012

I have some Blueberries in pots and some in the ground.Within the last few days,the leaves on some of the potted ones have been turning brown.It usually starts near the tip end,not always at the tip,but more towards that area,and then spreads.Soon almost the whole leaf is crispy.

The worst one,and it may be the originator of the disease,if it's that,is a Blueray I bought at Home Depot about a month and a half ago.Half of the plant's leaves are dead or dying.It is in a container and as time went on,something just didn't look right about it.Some of the stem tips were drying and there were a few green berries falling off,until it's present condition.

In a pot a couple feet away was a Pink Champagne Blueberry,separated by another potted Blueberry.This one,the Pink,has similar symptoms.

We've had a lot of rain in June.I'm thinking that may be part of the problem,the spreading anyway.

I've quarantined the plants and repotted the Pink,thinking it may be in the bark mix,as they share that similarity.

I'm including some pictures.Does Mummyberry do this? Thanks,Brady

Blueray Leaves

Pink Champagne Leaves

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Whats on the bottom of the leafs? Looks like it could be a fungus. Ive had a couple leafs look like that but it was a very small white woolly looking aphid or something chewing through one side of leaf creating the dead blotchy patches. After looking at the pics again some of the damadge does look like bug chewing on the leafs. A closer inspection is needed.

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I've been looking at a few photos online and it may be a bacterial canker. Brady

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