Planting Mango with Banana?

MMcCawleyJuly 21, 2014


I have a planter in one corner of my yard (approximately 6'x10') that butts up to a block wall on two sides that I was hoping to fit a Manilia mango and Ice Cream banana tree in. They are both about 5 feet tall right now and are obviously going to get much bigger. My question is- Do you think I could squeeze both plants in the planter or will it be too tight? The mango is a semi dwarf and I plan to prune it to keep it a reasonable size. If you think they might both fit, which one would you put in front and which would you put against the walls? Thanks, I appreciate your input.

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Jennifer_Ruth(Z 10, Sunset Z 23)

That sounds awfully tight to me, M. I haven't grown either of these two plants, but I have plenty of experience trying to squeeze a lot of plants into a small space. Are you hoping to get fruit from them? If so, I would definitely choose one or the other for that spot.

If you just want a couple of big tropical-looking plants for ornamental purposes, you could go ahead, but eventually you will probably rue the day. In general, big plants keep on trying to get big. (Or they get mad at you and croak!) Good luck with your garden.

Jennifer in San Diego

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That's better than putting the lime with de coconut.

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They both need lots of sun and the banana will outgrow the mango. They can share the space, but the mango may end up not being productive because of the shade from the banana. You might want to plant an apple ("Manzana") banana to go along with the Ice Cream banana instead.

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