Is this cherry blight? Trees at nursery????

gardeninnsJuly 12, 2013

I've been eyeing these cherry tree at a local nursery for a few weeks but today I noticed them not looking so good. I already have one cherry tree so I don't want to pass on something to my healthy one, what does everyone think?

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If this photo is from the northeast, what you are likely seeing is cherry leaf spot which is normal for cherry trees not sprayed with fungicide.

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That is good to know, so there is still hope for them lol. I did see some sticky sappy substance coming out of a few which worried me as well. You got my location bang on....nova scotia.

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Yes, it looks like cherry leaf spot to me, which can be serious unless you spray for it. I almost lost my two trees to it until I discovered which fungicides work for me. Captan did nothing for it. Then last year I alternated Ortho garden spray, T-Methyl, and Rally . Then just Rally this year. My cherry trees are now the healthiest looking trees in my orchard.


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When does one spray cherry trees? Fall? I really need a second cherry dwarf cherries pollinate tree? I ask this because I saw a small dwarf cherry but was unsure if it would pollinate my dwarf I mean a small plant about as big as a raspberry bush they sell at was not a tree. But it was prunus.....I have never sprayed my cherry tree at home, and it looks great, should I be spraying?

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