blackberries or black raspberries?

casi(5)July 9, 2013

My hubby and I are in an argument/ do you tell the difference between blackberries and black raspberries? We are in N. Missouri on the Iowa line and he brought me a small container of "blackberries" from one of the Amish stores. The store owner told him that blackberries...when you pull the stem out it leaves a hole...raspberries not....??? My arugment is that we have blackberry bushes that are not producing yet but I see on Facebook that most of my neighbors are picking raspberries right now. I have a patch in the front road ditch that have berries. They are pretty small compared to my black berry patches that are not ready. CAn anyone help?

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Raspberries are hollow in the center when you pick them. Blackberries aren't.

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Store owner got it backwards (or DH did). I've been picking raspberries for a while now (wild ones before the domestic). Blackberries are still green, just starting to turn red, will be quite a while before they're ripe (unless we keep having 90 degree heat).

BTW, black raspberries (at least the wild ones) are rounded as well as hollow, blackberries are much more elongated though since my Encore RB are very pointed (Killarney less so, but more than the wild RB) maybe a cultivated blackcap would have that shape too.

Reminds me I have to go out and check my blackcaps! They weren't ripe 2 weeks ago, probably gone by now (I got busy picking the red ones when I saw they were ripe, and they're within 1000ft of the house, blackcaps are 1500ft or more so I never tend to get out there).

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You're right. The black raspberries ripen first, are rounder, and are hollow when you pick them. The blackberries are more elongated, not hollow, and ripen later.

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Picked some black raspberries this AM. Some had gone by, but there are still plenty of unripe ones here. Trouble is, the wild roses have really swamped them - I'm probably going to have to tie surveryor's tape on the canes and go back to dig them up and transplant them somewhere more convenient.

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Thanks to you all! He was saying it right, I think. We found a raspberry today and now I understand about "hollow" on the inside. I don't know where her blackberries came from because we did a scan of the area and all ours are still green.

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Many of the domestic blackberry varieties ripen before the wild ones do. I've been picking blackberries at home for about two weeks now whereas the wild ones are still very small and green.

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