Something is Eating My Apricot Fruit

Bradybb(wa8)July 10, 2013

I have a 4 in one Plum with a Puget Gold Apricot on it and have about a dozen fruits ripening.Something is eating mostly around the stem area of about half of them.On a couple the seed is showing.I saw a little fly or bee once in one of the divots,but am not sure if it was the cause or just taking advantage of the easy entrance.
The person at the nursery showed me Bonide's Captain Jack's Deadbug.It is basically Spinosad.
Here is a picture,if anyone knows what it might be and the best way to defend,I'd be thankful. Brady

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After checking other sources,it looks like it may be Earwigs.There is some excrement around the holes.
Spinosad should help or I might try Tanglefoot. Brady

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