Strawberry advice.

kalindi615July 1, 2013

Hello everyone.

I am in MD. I have finally finished moving my garden to the other side of our house. For reasons that just kept piling up, we spent 4 months moving my garden to where it is now. I now have the garden space of my dreams. Unfortunately it is July!

This garden space was moved for a lot of reasons but one of the big ones is that I have been dying to grow strawberries. I have a bed waiting for them which is 4'x32'. I know I want to plant some June bearing and some Everbearing. Besides that I am at a complete loss.... and I read a LOT on the internet and on GW. I think I may have read myself in circles.

My first question is- is it too late to plant this year to get a jump start on next year? Am I being too anxious to get them in the ground? My local nursery had bare root Ozarks marked down and I thought about buying a ton, but wasn't sure if I should put them in.

So my next question is - if I can plant this late is it too late for bare roots do I need to go plants? (that may prove cost prohibitive)

Any other advice for someone who has never grown strawberries before.... but absolutely loves them?

I have dedicated this much space to them because I do can them and usually have to go to the pick your own places to buy my supply every year for jams for the year. My thought is if I have June bearing I get a large bumper crop for my canning, then have some Everbearing plants to eat from fresh throughout the summer. Please correct my thinking if I am wrong.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

You might have a hard time right now, but you probably can plant some in the fall. I plan on moving my runners in the fall. Right now it is too hot, and my bed is being used for other plants at the moment. Bare roots are shipped in the fall too.
Yes grow both types! Good idea. I just freeze mine for jam. I don't have a lot of plants, but have a lot of different kinds to try and evaluate what works here. I have to wait till next year for the June bearing as i removed most of the buds to let the plants establish. I have since abandoned that idea, but it's too late for the June bearing. I'm very impressed with Elan F1 everbearing. Also the pineberries are small, but man they taste great! Those will definitely go into the new bed.

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You could buy the bare-root strawberry plants, & pot them up, for fall planting. They would do well on a porch or part of the yard that gets 2 hours of sun, and then shade for the rest of the day.

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