Observations on Russian Hardy Kiwi?

milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)July 10, 2013

After reading a few posts here I decided to go with kolomikta rather than arguta. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with the hardy Russians sold by One Green World. The cultivars are Andrey, Natasha, and Tatyana.

I am trying to decide if I should try these, stick with kolomikta, or add more a few more grape cultivars. (I actually have room for a few more vines!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Russian Hardy Kiwi

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I have Natasha, Andrey and Ananasnaya... Put in last year from Burnt Ridge... The first 2 have had about the same growth rate, while Ananasnaya has grown probably 4x as much as the other two...Nothing has flowered yet and i still need to build some sort of trellis system for them...

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Im pretty sure the first two franktank has are kolomikta and Ananasnaya is an arguta, which would explain the extra vigor.

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aphahn(6a CO)

Have you seen what Andy Hough is doing in Douglas County? He has tried both argutas and kolomiktas, the link below has some of his findings.

Personally, I'm trying argutas, because kolomiktas bloom/leaf out earlier. At least that's what I have read. The kolomiktas will probably need at least some protection from the sun. My argutas get afternoon shade and have their root zone shaded by horseradish. They are at least moderately happy that way, but no fruit yet after 3 years, (5 if you count the first ones that died from late frost damage and infection). I will look forward to hearing how they do for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Research & Demonstration Orchard Projects - Douglas County

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


That is an awesome PowerPoint! I would sure like to visit. They are growing everything I have or have wanted to grow and they are using a trellis system and high tunnel system that I'd sure like to get a first-hand look at. Thank you!!!

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aphahn(6a CO)

I visited the hidden Mesa site a few weeks ago, it is worth the trip. Andy said they have a volunteer day on Tuesdays. I can send you the contact info if you would like.


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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


Well I have Tuesdays off! Yes, please send me the info.

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alan haigh

From what they say and from my own experience I can;t see why you'd chose kolomitka over arguta unless you get below -25F fairly often. A two week earlier budding out is no small matter with kiwis because their leaves are as frail to frost as figs or tomatoes.

I'm actually going to cut out most of my kiwis and replace them with grapes as I've not found a way to keep them consistently fruitful. Native pollinators just don't care for their flowers at all.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


There was a post regarding arguta freezing down to the ground frequently in zone 5 so I figured I'd be safe and go with kolomikta, but I have been disappointed; not tough enough for Colorado.

I actually did order grapes to take the space I had reserved for kiwis. I thought about it and I'd much rather have a good grape than a kiwi.

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alan haigh

Or a good grape to a barren kiwi that you have to prune and prune. I think that in some areas kiwis may be self fruitful. There has to be a reason they are productive some places and not others. Mine are all planted with males, but crops are still usually very light. It amazes me that the fragrant flowers have no takers here, but it seems to be the case all over N. America.

Maybe, like most pears, they are self fruitful when the temperatures are right. Some years my plants are loaded.

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ive had sentanyabraska/September sun which I got from burntridge and krupnopladnaya which I bought locally. the krup fruited I only got a few though and it was an extremely slow grower. they were probably about the size of a finger tip and tasted like store kiwi except less sour, similar to gold kiwis if you ever see those in the store. the September sun never really did anything. they definetly need some shade. my male never got the pink highlights either that you see in pictures. I think I went through 4 plants over a couple years (plus an issai which is an arguta, grew pretty well but died over winter) and never really had success, nor did I like the fruit much (not bad but I like the more sour fuzzies better) so I don't recommend them but ive seen some people with them thriving

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