What kind of plum is this?

daehnolem(6)August 14, 2012

My husband thinks I'm crazy because I'm kind of obsessed with figuring out what kind of plum tree we have. They're smaller than the plums you find in the store, and they're clingstone. They ripen mid through late August. They're sweet with the slightest little sour bite to the skin. Delicious straight from the tree. Even my pickiest kid eats them. Any ideas? TIA!

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Looks like Santa Rosa which is very popular.

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Hmmmm, not sure if it's like all the Santa Rosas I just googled. I guess I shouldn't have pictured the unripe plums, but I was kind of going for a progression of their coloring as they ripen. They go from red to purple. Their flesh always stays yellow. It doesn't get red like a Santa Rosa. They also stay quite small. The largest ones aren't any bigger than a golf ball. I have no cross pollinator, but I always get a fair amount of plums on the tree. It's kind of hard to tell how many I get because the birds eat half before they're ripe enough to pick.

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