Taylor raspberry plant sprawling

neptune24August 14, 2012

I planted a Taylor raspberry in March. The main cane seems to have died, but months ago another one popped up about an inch away and started growing at a 45-degree angle. It didn't get very high before it started trailing on the ground, however. It's now about 3 feet long, and most of it is lying on the ground.

Should I: a) prune the plant (if so, when?), b) support the plant with a trellis, or c) do absolutely nothing?

Thanks for any info.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

b. You'll get fruit from it next year. Floricane floweer on 2nd year wood. Have you grown primocanes?
I've got friggin' Taylor and it's been a bear keeping it in bounds. I'd tie it as it will be easier to deal with. I prefer to dedicate an area for them. Behind the garage, somewhere where they'll be contained by a foundation, driveway, dense woods, ravine, etc. They're invasive as most raspberies are.
I've learned the hard way...

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Thanks, Noogy. Have I grown primocanes? Well, I planted a Heritage everbearing last year, so I guess that means "yes"?

OK, I will tie up my Taylor--and if it behaves really well, I might even put it on a leash and take it for walks. ;)

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