will all my kiwi seedlings that are grown from seeds be female?

leef4August 27, 2013

I tried experimenting with the seeds of a kiwifruit that I bought from a supermarket. I attempted to grow kiwi plants from them, and now the seeds have sprouted and they already have their first pair of leaves. I don't exactly know the variety of the fruit that I bought, but it's most probably Hayward. I found out that Hayward is a female variety, so I would like to ask if the seedlings that I grew from the seeds will also be all female. thanks

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They will be both male and female, I believe, but there is no way to determine until they bloom.

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In plants that have male and female all seeds come from the female.

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Murky - although all of the seeds come from the female, the seeds contain both male and female DNA and gender selection should depends upon the DNA in the individual seed. Otherwise, where would the male plants come from?

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Charlie, the point that I was making indirectly is that the idea that the seeds would produce females because the donor fruit is from a female must be flawed because, like you say, where would the male plants come from.

All seeds come from the fruit. There are male and female trees. Only the females produce fruit. Thus all sexually produced male and female offspring must come from the seed of female trees.

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It works the same as with people. You need a male to fertilize female flowers and females produce offspring (fruit), which will be somewhat different from both parents.

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