Help!! Blueberry Plant is turning brown!!

RPost78(8A)August 15, 2012

Hello All!

I need help saving my blueberry plant!

HISTORY: I am not sure of the type of blueberry plant it is. The label only called it a blueberry plant. I got the 1st plant early this year as a small bare root twig (for lack of a better word) with a few leaves. A month later I got another slightly larger blueberry plant. I've read up on them and am aware that they like low pH. After reading that they do best when more than one plant is grown together, I planted both the small bare root twig and larger plant in a pot together early this spring. (My thought is that they will grow together and can pollinate more easily) I used a potting soil/peat mixture. They have been doing really good together and have been growing nicely until I went on vacation.

PROBLEM:I had someone caring for all my plants, but I am not sure exactly how often they were watered. Looking at my other plants they didn't get much water. I left my blueberry in a sunny spot when I left and found it under my tree getting watered every time my grass was watered when I returned. I'm not sure how long it was under the tree or how much water it was getting.

I live in Central Texas and it has been extremely hot (100+) and sunny everyday. I am thinking that it wasn't watered for a few days and the sun may have been too hot for it with no water. Then it was put under the tree and watered a lot. The leaves were already turning brown when I got home and now many have dropped off completely, while some are just turning really brown and spotty.

WHAT I'VE DONE: I tested the pH and it's 5.0. I have been moving it in and out of the sun now trying to let it get some sun without cooking it!

What more can I do for it? I hate to lose it!

It never flowered or fruited this year, but I passed this off as it being too young. Am I right?

Sorry this is long, I didn't want to miss anything!

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Here is another picture. I will take a few in the daylight tomorrow!

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It looks to me like too much water. Do you have good drainage on your pot? Does water readily flow out the bottom? Blueberries need constantly moist soil but not soggy soil.

Having two plants in the same pot is a bad idea. These are bushes and want to grow several feet tall. The pot you have is big enough for one bush the size it is now, but is too small for a grown bush.

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There's probably not too much more care to do than what's being done now.Hopefully there's still some good roots to keep it going. Brady

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I've also seen brown patches like that from underwatering. The plants usually recover though, but may take time to rebuild the root systems before it's noticeable above ground.

Make sure you keep them in the proper watering range, and they should do fine. A well drained soil is the best defense though. A combination of potting soil and peat will likely be very water retensive and finicky. Read about 5-1-1 on the container forums although you'll need to use gypsum in place of lime for pH purposes. You are going to have to separate them anyway, so might as well repot in a fast draining soil that blueberries love.

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