Peach leaf curl disappears... how to keep trees healthy?

Central_Valley(9)August 19, 2013

We have two apricot trees on our property, both of which appear to have grown back from stumps. Each year they set a few fruit, which shriveled before it ripened. We never got a professional diagnosis, but the symptoms were a good match for peach leaf curl. Due to the other demands on our time, we never got around to giving these trees any care.

This year both trees staged a miraculous recovery. There was no sign of leaf damage. Each tree bore dozens or hundreds of fruit, much of which has ripened normally.

What are these trees' prospects? Having had one healthy year, are they likely to continue to do well unless something re-infects them? Or is this a one-time event, unlikely to repeat itself unless Mother Nature repeats the conditions (whatever they were) that made it happen?

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A dormant copper or chlorothalanil spray should keep them leaf curl free. Leaf curl is a sporadically appearing disease. Some years it is completely absent without spraying. As always, consult your local ag extension office for general recommendations like this for home gardeners.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Central Valley,

Apricots don't get peach leaf curl. Something else is going on w/ your apricots (not sure what).

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O is correct. Apricot trees often are difficult to fruit unless there is adequate chill for the variety you are growing. My apricots have been very sketchy in my SoCal weather.

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