What's wrong with my Raspberries

scuzzynuttyAugust 6, 2012

I recently planted a raspberry plant I picked up from Lowes. It's starting to fruit now but there are these funny white spots on several of the berry droplets. The berries I picked don't taste good either, kind of a plain bland taste.

Is my fruit diseased or something? I always see this one grasshopper hanging around. What is his relation to raspberry plants?

Any help would be apprecaited. Thanks!

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Google "Raspberry/Blackberry drupelet disorder" which is caused by excessively strong sunlight, etc. It's quite common, and does affect the flavor of the berries.

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Yes, looks like they got hit with more sun than they could handle. I think the bland taste has to do more with the first fruit on a young plant. I bet the raspberries will taste much better in a couple of weeks, even if they have some druplets that were sun damaged.

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Mine have same. I am expecting larger, bushier plants in year 2 will create more shade for berries.

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davidguss(6 Walla Walla, WA)

I moved my raspberry patch to an area that gets full afternoon sun. Since then I've had a lot of sunscald. Before it was seldom a problem. I've noticed this year that the variety Saanich shows more resistance than other varieties. It also is very sweet and doesn't crumble.

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