Fruits of our leisure pursuit

2010champsbcsAugust 11, 2014

Growing fruit in my backyard gives my four grandchildren and me so much pleasure. There is nothing more exciting than taking them to the tree/bush and letting them pick their own. It also gets them interested in another side of life that they would not get anywhere else. Not to mention that it�s also cheaper than paying for their therapy later on.

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ahgrower Horne

Hi 20110ChampsBCS, I totally agree with you. I have a couple of grandsons and quite a few nieces and nephews and I (and nearly all of us gardeners) understand completely how you feel. When I am in the garden alone, the wonder of it all, never ceases to amaze me. I love being in the garden for whatever reasons. I have fruit trees, berry bushes, fig bushes, and 18 large raised beds and quite a few rose bushes. There is always plenty to do, but the reward of harvesting from the garden truly compensate for all the tasks. I love showing off the garden to family, friends and visitors. I love harvesting. I take many pics all the time. I look forward to all the seasons-I garden all year round. Now, I am waiting to harvest sweet potatoes. I have 3 large raised beds and 2 big containers with sweet potatoes protruding from the dirt! Yes, my garden friend, I love growing fruit, veggies, flowers and everything in the yard. I feel close to God when I am in the garden as well. Yes, I sincerely share the same sentiments with you and I am sure you will hear many similar comments from other gardeners alike. Keep up the good work, I am sure you are making great memories for your grandchildren as well as yourself.

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I completely "get you" too Champs...completely. I love it and always have...from my earliest memories as a little boy in the garden with my grandparents. All my grandparents are gone now, but my interest in gardening lives on.
Hopefully when I'm gone, my children will also find pleasure, solitude and wonder in this thing we call gardening.

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Champs, I have no children or grandchildren, however, I am blessed with God-children and great friends that love my orchard and berry patches. Moreso, they love what I make with the fruit. I love to share. Its work, and involves a lot of staring (at each bud!!!) but I do love it. Cannot wait to start grafting next spring. Mrs. G

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Ahgrower/appleseed. My time with my fruit trees is special to me. I love walking through and checking on things and thinking about new plans for my yard and trees. The grandchildren really seem to enjoy their tours as I explain things that are going on in my small orchard.

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MrsG47. Sounds like you and I share a similar interest in grafting. IâÂÂm always thinking about new grafting techniques and what can be grafted to each other and the results of doing so. Whether you have children or Godchildren the results are the same. Both of you reap the benefits.

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I do the same with my little nephew. When he was like 3 he was coming over one time when there was nothing ripe to pick. So I got a bag of Twix mini's and used string and tape and put them on a bush. When he got in the back yard he did his normal route looking for something to pick. When he got to that bush he got right to work picking them. It never crossed his mind that Twix may not really grow on trees.

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cckw. The Twix mini idea is great. I also have a 3 year old grandson and he will enjoy picking these. I think my older granddaughters will still have a good time with it also.

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I agree completely growing fruit trees and gardens is an incredible feeling of self sufficiency and valuable time with family. Last week my family came out to make cider. This week the pear harvest has started. The good life is very hard work and absolutely worth while . My grandfather taught me many things about fruits he grew in his orchard and we continue to pass our skills down through the family as we get better at what we do. That time I had with my grandparents, parents etc. Is priceless.

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Clark. Growing up we always had a big garden and IâÂÂm sure the time spent with my Dad got me started into growing things. I still do a little gardening but most of my focus is now toward growing on a small scale apples, pears, blackberries, and blueberries. The Grandchildren always enjoy getting their own fruit right from the tree. It will be interesting to see if any of them plant and grow their own trees when they are older.

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