gooseberry leaf disease 2, 2013

Hello Can anyone tell me what is on the underside of my Gooseberry leaves and is there a cure for it. The plant has had no flowers this year so no fruit either. Deer ate alot of leaves off the plants( I have two in buckets) last year but got 4 berries.

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Follow up on my post If there is a cure an organic solution would be perferred.

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I'm not an expert, but it looks like orange leaf rust. I don't think there's a viable treatment option for it.

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That's what I thought by researching the net. Now does the plant need to be destroyed or will it come back next year. Drewbym thanks for the response.

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Just few days ago I read this article about white pine rust (it looks very much like your photo):

Hope it helps. Rina

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