Propagating blueberries?

2ajsmamaAugust 2, 2013

I have some wild highbush blueberries I'd like to propagate, also my great-uncle has a lot of old bushes that are very productive (with annual pruning), I don't know if the varieties are commercially available any more. I was going to try to dig up some shoots and separate with a sharp shovel or even loppers after exposing the root. I have to dig some raspberries out of his patch and move them anyway, and I'm sure once we get in there (it's really grown up since last year) and clean out all the milkweed, grapevines, blackberries, etc. we'll find new blueberry shoots.

But he didn't seem keen on the idea - maybe he's afraid I'll kill the parent plant. He said you can propagate them by taking cuttings and rooting them in damp sand? When and how?

And is there a way to propagate lowbush berries? I have scads growing in the woods and I'd like to move them, or encourage them to spread out into the open a bit more where it would be easier to pick.


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There are two ways that I have done highbush.
Take cuttings during Winter/early Spring,about six inches,non fruiting wood.Put them inside of baggies with some damp Peat moss in the bottom of a refrigerator for about three months.
Or get cuttings from Spring/early Summer,not too hard or soft and take off all leaves except a couple at the top of each one.
Mix up some Peat/Perlite,about 50/50,either in trays or small pots and stick cuttings.
Probably the most important part is keeping the leaves moist with a film of water until roots form.I tried putting a plastic bag around them and used a spray bottle but only had limited success.
Now I use a Mist-a-Matic and also made a box using a pond fogger/mister.Keep the cuttings out of direct sun. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagation of Blueberry Cuttings Using Fog

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