raspberry id

mpoland33August 3, 2013

I was asked a couple months ago to post my raspberry so someone could help ID and I've finally got around to it. I am trying to find out what variety I have and if I can expect a fall crop or if I should begin to cut it back?

I bought some online (never thought to check the variety I bought at the time)

some at Home Depot

and one plant I transplanted from my Grandfathers raspberry patch in Vermont before he moved out.

I know I only have one leaf on here..but my camera died so once it charges I can post the others.

The Japanese beetles tore them up this year pretty bad. Nothing I tried worked except pushing them off into a bucket but I couldn't keep up.


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Looks kind of like a Royalty Purple Raspberry.

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I dont know if ths helps but they bloomed in mid to late june slash early july. We are in southern pa

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